Regulatory Consumer Affairs Officer

TRR is seeking a Consumer Affairs Officer (CAO) to lead, and coordinate our regulatory consumer focused responsibilities in the Telecommunications/ICT sector and in accordance with the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulation Act 2009 (the Act). The role includes:

a. Understanding of the key consumer issues in the Telecommunications Sector;
b. protecting consumer interests;
c. promoting user and investor education and confidence;
d. monitoring and maintaining records of all promotional activities;
e. lead on redress of issues brought forward to TRR’s attention and maintaining records of all consumer complaints;
f. investigate, consult and understanding the status of Internet consumption in Vanuatu to support the achievement of the People’s 2030 Plan;
g. understanding the overall market and competition activities in the telecommunications/market industry in vanuatu;
h. Assisting with Universal Access Service objectives;