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World Consumer Rights Day 2015

Building on from the 2014 World Consumer Rights Day celebration with the theme ‘Fix our Phone Rights’ - this year, 2015, one of TRR’s projects is the coordination and facilitation of the gaining of national recognition of World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated on 15 March each year. To commemorate this day the Minister responsible has requested the office of Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR) to coordinate the event (see this letter) to be held on the 16th of March in the Sea Front Park in Port Vila.

The celebration of World Consumer Rights day will assist with the increase of a citizen’s awareness of their rights and responsibilities as consumers of goods and services, but more importantly, to gain the Vanuatu Government’s and relevant stakeholder national recognition of this special day.

Global trends are indicating a significant shift of power in favor of consumers. Consumers in Vanuatu need to be aware of this as well as to ensure this power is appropriately utilized and not abused.

Additionally, TRR proposes to use this initiative to progress relevant government policy objectives as well as the Vanuatu’s National Vision.

World Consumer Rights Day 2015 Promotional video clips:

Consumer rights to clean and safe water

Consumer rights to healthy food

Consumer rights to ICT (Use of ICT to enable healthy diet and abuse of ICT will lead to unhealthy diet)

The Consumer Awareness and Protection Plan

TRR developed a Consumer Awareness and Protection Plan (CAPP) for 2014 and beyond, in 2013 to promote consumer awareness and consumer protection. The implementation of the CAPP commenced in January 2014.

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Consumer Education Program

A Consumer Education Program (CEP) is also being developed to ensure Vanuatu citizens are appropriately educated to guarantee an educated citizen, capable of making informed decisions.

Consumer Advisory Group and Business Advisory Group

In its effort to give citizens of Vanuatu a forum in which citizens voices are heard, TRR established the Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) which consist of representatives from the civil society; and the Business Advisory Group (BAG) which consist of representatives of businesses providing telecommunications and radiocommunication services.

For more information about any of the above, contact TRR at or call on  +678 27621  and talk to the Consumer Affairs Officer.

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