2017 orders

Order 7 of 2017

Issued on 4 July 2017,  Order No.7 of 2017, is made approving pricing for specific sales of wholesale international internet bandwidth by Fidelity Communications Corporation (“FCC”) to Digicel and TVL. Order 7 is based on the findings and reasons in ‘TRR’s Second Determination of Approved Prices for Specific Leased Capacity Amounts Supplied by FCC to Particular Customers’ of 4 July 2017 and is made pursuant to Order 1 of 2017 that requires FCC to seek TRR approval for pricing for any further sales of capacity.

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Order 3 of 2017

Signed on 15 May 2017, an Order for Fidelity Communications Corporation (FCC) to provide specific documents and information to TRR relating to its supply of international wholesale internet capacity services.

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