Market Indicators for Telecommunications

Telecommunications market indicators are very important for any regulatory body like TRR. It is important as it help TRR to analyze and to effectively monitor the status of the market. The main indicators inter alia, that TRR is looking at to analyze the market are as follows:

  • Telecommunications Infrastructures;

  • Subscribers for mobile, fixed and internet services;

  • Revenue for all telecommunications service;

  • Number of people employed in the telecom sector;

  • Investment from the sector into the growth of nation;


Currently the sector provides and contributes at least 370 active employment positions of 1.4% of the total employment rate of Vanuatu registered with the Vanuatu National Provident Fund.  This figure does not include contractors working in the islands and in the urban areas as vendors which is over a thousand.  The number of registered employment for the sector as shown is for the period ending 31 st December 2013.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

In the telecommunications sector, below are the key infrastructures:

 • Towers – service providers continues to invest in this infrastructure. Number of towers continue to be erected through out Vanuatu. As competition grows, roll out of services also demand for new towers and base stations to be build. At the end of 2013, there is a slight increase of towers spreading through out Vanuatu. The aggregated number of towers is over 200.            

 • Buildings – service providers continue to invest in maintaing and upgrading their building to be more innovative whilst providing services. one new building erected is the landing station for the submarine cable by Interchange Ltd in 2013.

 • Fibre – maintenance of fibre optic cable runs through out the urban area of Port Vila remain one of the infrastructure that operators continue to invest in whilst providing services to enduser.

  Submarine cable: the arrival of the 1,250 km submarine cable system between Fiji and Vanuatu linking to the Southern Cross Cable which landed in Vanuatu late 2013 required an investment of around 30 million USD. This was the biggest infrastructure investment in the telecommunications seen sector for the year 2013.