Consumer Fact Sheets

Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) regularly has developed a series of Fact Sheets for consumer awareness and education with a goal to empower consumers with appropriate information, knowledge and tips.

TRBR launched its first series of Fact Sheets during the National ICT day celebrated for the first time in Santo on 15th and 16th of May 2015, and will continue to develop more such Sheets on a regular basis.

The Fact sheets developed to date are as follows:

English Versions French Versions
1. Health Risk 1. Risques pour la santé liés aux TIC
2. Rights and Responsibilities 2. Droits et Responsabilités
3. Smart Telecommunications Consumer 3. Consommateur intelligent des télécommunications/TIC
4. Reading and Understanding Advertisement 4. Lire et Comprendre les publicités
5. Lodging a Complaint 5. Déposer une plainte auprès de TRBR
6. What is Internet ? 6. Qu’est-ce que l’lnternet?
7. Mobile Phone Plans 7. Plans pour les téléphones portables
8. Child Online Protection 8. Protection en ligne des enfants?


1. Olsem wanem nao yu save mekem komplen blong yu

2. Child Online protection

3. Kontrolem yu taem yu usum Facebook

4. Work blong TRBR

5. Wanem nao Internet ?