The Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) has launched a new Mobile App this year 2018 as part of its consumer protection awareness program and other related functions. The ‘TRR Facts Info’ is the name of this new Mobile App that is currently available in Google Play store. It was a platform for bonus educational tool to all the Telecommunication and ICT devices users across the country to access information related to the TRBR roles and functions.

The App has a functionality to lodge an online formal complaint to TRBR whenever a consumer is not satisfied with the response of their service provide to their complaint within 5 working days and wants to take the matter further to TRBR.

This procedure will demonstrate how you can download the App from Google Play store and also how to submit a formal complaint to TRBR using this Mobile App.

 A. How to install ‘TRR FACTS INFO’ Mobile App from Google Play Store

  1. Turn on Data on your mobile device
  2. Open Google play store app
  3. Type ‘trr facts info’ on the search bar
  4. Locate and select ‘trr facts info’ from the lists
  5. Tap install and allow the installation to complete
  6. Tap Open to access the app
  7. To view the app later, go to the home screen and find ‘trr facts info’ App

B. How to submit a formal complaint using the Mobile App ‘TRR FACTS INFO’

  1. Turn on mobile data on your mobile device
  2. Tap open the ‘TRR Facts Info’ app icon
  3. Select settings on the top right hand corner of the Mobile App
  4. Select ‘Language preferences’ to choose your preferred language of communication
  5. On the Home menu, Tap on ‘Post Complain’ Menu
  6. Fill all the required fields
  7. Once all required fields are filled, Tap on ‘Submit’ to submit your complaint
  8. You will receive a notification to confirm that your submission was successful. Tap ok to exit.

For more information about the Mobile App, Please contact TRBR on email: or telephone, 27621 to speak to the Consumer Officer

Click on the button to install TRR Facts Info mobile app.