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ICT Day Celebration 2017 highlights in Tanna & Luganville, Santo

Luganville Celebrations

2017 Pacific ICT day celebration in Luganville was another remarkable event. Over 300 people in Luganville were part of the celebrations including the Senior Government Officers, Luganville Lord Mayor and his team, Business stakeholders, Women Leaders, chiefs, disable people, students and general public.

The Audience for the celebration were fortunate to listen to the official Key note speech delivered by the Honourable Minister of the Climate Change & Adaptation, Hon. Ham Lini Vanuroroa, who was also the Acting Prime Minister at that time through Live stream (over internet).
The Video from the ITU Secretary General was also presented to audience for the day.

(Luganville Mayor leading booth tour visiting TVL’s booth)

(Audience enjoying the booth tours during Luganville ICT Day celebrations 17 May, 2017)


Tanna Celebrations

(Official Guest taking a booth tour in Tanna)

For the very first time, the same celebration took place in Tanna and was another successful event. Over 300 people have attended this important celebration.

The main highlight of the celebration was the display of the booths by the business organisations such as ANZ Bank, Tourism Operators, Telecom Operators and more other Government Departments.

The Audience also had chance to enjoyed and followed up with activities happening in Port Vila via Live streaming link that was provided.
Yet another highlight of the event includes arrays of Presentations and Panel session. A handful of them were based in Tanna as local business houses, and the discussion was the impact and importance of ICT for business operations.

The celebration in Tanna was a history as they finally become part of these Technological celebrations in Vanuatu after its birth in 2012.


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Report on the second Regulatory Internet Symposium 2016

TRR in implementing its functions under the TRR Act and is performing at its best to ensure there is proper and appropriate framework for the internet market development for this country. In doing so, TRR facilitated a number of meetings and forums with stakeholders involved including the above mentioned forum to discuss Internet matters that are currently at TRR’s priority list to address. And one of which is the management of .vu hence, the drafting of .vu regulation has been filed for gazettal at the State Law Office which is expected to be gazette soon.

On 20th October 2016 TRR organized its second Regulatory Internet Symposium at the Havanah Resort in Vanuatu.The meeting promoted a theme ‘Embracing Internet Security’ which is in line with the current Vanuatu National Cyber Security Policy and the National ICT Policy where priority action plans were placed on the OGCIO and the TRR’s responsibilities (refer to mentioned policies).