2nd Round of Consultation Paper on Proposed Amendment of the TRR Regulation Act No. 30. 2009

Initial Consultation Report on Proposed Amendments to the Telecommunications and Radio-communications Regulation Act, 2009

On 5 June 2017, TRR provided service providers and other stakeholders with a Consultation Paper about possible amendments to The Telecommunications and Radio-communications Regulation Act, 2009 (“the TRR Act”).

The Consultation Paper sought information and comments from interested parties about 12 different topics or areas for potential amendment of the TRR Act. The purpose of the proposed amendments was to improve the effectiveness and clarity of the TRR Act based on TRR’s experience implementing the TRR Act, including by addressing ambiguities and gaps that have been identified by TRR and service providers.

TRR has received comments on the Consultation Paper from Digicel (Vanuatu) Limited, Telecom Vanuatu Limited, Telsat Broadband, SpeedCast International, and Pacific ICT Regulatory Resource Centre (PIRRC).

TRR has considered and had regard to all comments, and thanks the commenting parties for the useful substantive points made, and questions raised.

Having reviewed and considered all comments, TRR has decided to significantly reduce the number of the proposed amendments, and has narrowed the scope of amendments that relate to regulatory powers of TRR. This has been done in part to seek to reduce controversy and address concerns of some commenters that the proposed amendments were overly broad.

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