Consultation on the Release of 2100Mhz Spectrum for International Mobile Telephony

The Telecommunication and Radiocommunication Regulator (TRR) under Section 7 of the Telecommunications and Radiocommunication Regulation Act No. 30 of 2009 (the Act) has the power to regulate telecommunications and radiocommunications including management of radio frequency spectrum (spectrum) in order to promote national social and economic development. Specifically Paragraph 7(2)(e) of the Act applies and permits TRR to “allocate, assign and manage the radio spectrum”.

The TRR has recently been approached by operators for further assignments of spectrum in a specific range to support the increasing use of mobile telephony and data services. Access to reliable high capacity mobile telephony services is a recognised economic enabler and the existing spectrum bands allocated to International Mobile telephony (IMT) in Vanuatu have now been exhausted. As a consequence the TRR has investigated and proposes to plan and release the 2100Mhz spectrum band (1920 MHz to 2170 MHz) for IMT applications in Vanuatu. This information letter sets out the main options for planning this band, and seeks input from operators as to which of the options best meets their needs and the needs of Vanuatu.

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