The Office of the Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) has released a Public Consultation document on Quality of Service Parameters and Measurement.

The performance of telecommunications network is becoming a focal point for the general consumer and as such network providers must be able to supply and maintain a network that the consumer has confidence in. The Quality of Service (QoS) of a network is a general measure of a network’s performance based on international standards and therefore the TRBR now seeks to measure and seek improvement of the networks QoS.

The Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR)  is seeking to carry out a QoS benchmarking exercise to ensure that the services being provided to the public are of standard and that the public can rely upon. The TRBR sees this activity as beneficial to both subscribers and Licensees.

The deadline for public comments is 4pm, Friday 29th of June 2018.

A general forum will be held to discuss this consultation on Wednesday 20th of June 2018, at TRBR's office.

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