With the rapid increase in the uptake of mobile, internet, PayTV and radio services in Vanuatu, it is evident that the market is seeing an increase in the numbers of radio communications and telecommunications devices and equipment from different vendors and suppliers, some of which may be low quality and may not be compliant with applicable international standards and requirements.

Section 7 of the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulation Act, 2009 (the Act) prescribes the general functions and powers of the Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR). Sub-section 7(3) of the Act states “The Regulator may, with the approval of the Minister, make such regulations as may be necessary or convenient to give effect to the provisions of this Act”, and Paragraph 7(4) (f) of the Act states that “imposing restrictions or limitations upon the importation, sale or use of any equipment used or likely to be used in connection with radiocommunications or telecommunications”.

TRBR is proposing that a Type Approval process, through the development of a regulation, be established in Vanuatu to overcome any present or potential problems with the importation of low quality non-compliant Radiocommunications and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE). Type approval is a process by which Information, and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment and devices, such as RTTE, is authorized for sale and use in a country (“approved”). It involves verification of the equipment compliance with the applicable international standards and requirements to ensure that the ICT or RTTE does not cause interference, or long or short term damage to networks and/or Vanuatu’s citizens.

TRBR believes that it is important, and essential, to have the “Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Type Approval and Conformity to Standards Regulation” developed through a collective and extensive consultation process to capture the views of all stakeholders. This consultation paper has been developed to provide all stakeholders and, particularly, licensees, manufacturers, ICT equipment importers, radio dealers, sales outlets, users and consumers, and other interested individuals the opportunity to consider TRBR’s proposal, and respond and contribute to the development of the associated regulation that is fit for purpose for Vanuatu.

Accordingly, the objective of this Public Consultation paper is to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to review TRBR’s proposal and current thinking on this issue, and make all appropriate comments to TRBR that it needs to consider in respect of the content and implications of the proposed “Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Type Approval and Conformity to Standards Regulation”.

TRBR now seek your views on what we are proposing through this consultation. The deadline for public comments is Friday 23rd December 2016, 4:30 pm.

The Consultation Document can be obtained by:
        1. Downloading a copy at TRBR’s website: http://www.trr.vu/index.php/en/public-register/consultations/2016;
        2. Requesting a copy by email at enquiries@trr.vu , or;
        3. Visiting the TRBR Office at Level 1, Rossi Ocean Walk (next to Bred Bank), Lini Highway, Port-Vila to obtain a copy of the document.

For any phone enquiries regarding this Consultation Document, please call the following numbers: (+678) 27621 or (+678) 27487.
For more information about TRBR’s Consultation Guidelines, please visit the following website http://www.trr.vu/index.php/en/public-register/guidelines/consultation-guideline