TRR short term job advisement notice

TRBR is looking for an experienced and qualified Local Individual with local community experiences and ICT skills to facilitate and coordinate basic hands-on ICT training for the existing Computer Laboratory Internet and Community Centres (CLICC) sites in various Islands of Vanuatu. Linking to National ICT Policy priority areas, a mechanism is to be established to sustain the Public Internet Access Points, established a supporting platform to support provision of ICT to the public; upgrade ICT and ICT related skills for citizens, and more other related activities to enhance positive gain by the respective citizens from the access and services provided so far, particularly in the rural communities. Importantly, to promote consumer/user protection and other relations in the Digital world.
The CLICC sites were designed under the principle that the centres can be used as a hub to provide internet access to both schools and people from the surrounding communities. In the recent monitoring and evaluation exercise which was carried out in quarter 1 and 2 of 2018, shows that the model works very well for most sites. However, there are still barriers, exclusions, limitations and other contributed challenges that are limiting the uptake of the existing access and services. There are more other technical factors that are also contributing to a number of CLICC sites not being effectively utilized as expected.
Therefore, this project will assist on some of the areas which requires attention on and particularly on providing capacity building for both users and the administrators of the sites as well as required operational mechanisms.
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