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TRR has developed its 2014 and onwards Work Plan. It clearly outlines our priority projects, and lesser priority (but important) projects, as well as TRR goals and objectives.

Recognizing that we have a suite of high priority issues to address, our key focus for 2014 is on implementation of the Government’s recently established Universal Access Policy. The Work Plan recognizes and links with the Government’s 2013 National ICT Policy.

TRR recognizes the need to keep all appropriate parties informed of its Work Plan activity, and we will regularly and actively monitor TRR priorities, projects and tasks. This Work Plan has a forward looking focus. It is updated annually to indicate current and future work that TRR is undertaking and has a focus on, or will be undertaking in the near future.

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Download this file (2014_and_onwards_work_plan_revised_version_22_april_2014.pdf)2014 and onwards work plan 422 kB

On 31 May 2013, the Regulator gave its consent for the transfer of control over Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) to MTIV. This is a commercial agreement between the companies; TRR however is required under the TRR Act 2009 to ensure the regulatory processes were followed. TVL still remain the holder of the Licence and a major player in the telecom market of Vanuatu. The Regulator is pleased with such partnership as it will enhance market development and competition within the sector.