Telecommunications Licence

Any person can apply for a telecommunications licence. The scope of a telecommunications licence is the provision of telecommunications services to the public or end users in Vanuatu and outside the country.

Telecommunications Licences are valid for 15 years.

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Telecommunications Licence Procedures

Telecommunications Licence Checklist

The current Telecommunications Licensees are shown below:

No. NAMES Date issued Services provided Current Status Document If amended Date amended
1 Telecom Vanuatu Ltd 11/3/2008 mobile/internet/fixed Operating Licence    
2 Digicel (Vanuatu) Ltd 14/03/2008 mobile/internet/fixed Operating Licence yes (doc) 22/09/2009
3 Telsat Broadband Ltd 22/09/2009 Internet Operating Licence    
4 Wantok Network Ltd 22/09/2009 Internet Operating Licence


- Amendment 31 March 2014

- Amendment 16 Dec 2016



5 Interchange Ltd 22/09/2009 Internet Operating Licence

yes (doc)

6 Spim Ltd 1/4/2011 Internet Operating Licence    
7 Pacific Group Limited 30/04/2018 Internet Operating Licence    
8 Pacific Link Limited 29/01/2019 Internet Operating Licence    


Revoked Licences