Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator's (TRBR) analyses of the internet market shows significant changes were apparent in 2009 where competition increased as more internet service providers entered the market. Lower prices have made an internet connection available to more residents in Vila and Luganville and 2014 saw a noteworthy increase in internet service subscriptions as compared to 2013.

The increase is attributed to the landing of the submarine and operators were able to buy cable capacity at that time and improved speeds and capacity; as well a more promotions, including mobile data promotions being available in the market. Consumer awareness of online applications, internet browsing and the increased use of social media such as the YumiTokTok Stret forum have contributed to consumer interest and awareness, and the use of YouTube and Facebook to chat and connect with friends and families and to stream videos online, has also contributed to the increase in internet usage.

Please note that TRBRs statistics collection framework was also revised in 2014 to include users with mobile data enabled handsets, this has in part led to the dramatic increase in numbers as individuals with 3G enabled phones were counted even though they may not have been regular users of mobile data.