The number of internet subscribers in Vanuatu continued to grow in 2015 following the installation of the ICN1 submarine cable in 2014 and service providers’ efforts to make available this service to users. The heavy competition between internet service providers (ISPs) was stimulated by operators introducing new, cheaper offers particularly with new and improved unlimited download plans as well as increasing internet speeds. Customers in Vanuatu can connect to the internet through a broad and increasing range of technologies and transmission methods as ISPs adopt and adapt technologies to suit the unique requirements of our market.

There has been significant growth in the number of users accessing the internet via mobile data, with both mobile operators now offering a range of 3G enabled smartphones for under 5000vt and the number of people, particularly young people, who now have the tools to access the internet; hence this service has grown considerably in recent years. Since the submarine cable landed in 2014 mobile operators have had access to greater amounts of internet bandwidth at lower cost than the previous satellite connections, and this has led to much more competitive and affordable data bundles being available to consumers. The price per MB of data allowance dropped considerably in 2015 with weekly bundles being available at an average rate of 15vt/MB in November 2014 to as little as 1vt/MB in 2015 or 2vt/MB with Facebook included free as part of the bundle.