National Frequency Allocation Plan

The National Frequency Allocation Plan is a top level plan based on the ITU Radio Regulations table of frequency allocations for Region 3 (Asia-Pacific region) which indicates how the radio frequency spectrum is divided into bands that can be used by defined services. It serves to guide the regulator and the user community about how radio frequencies will be assigned and licensed in Vanuatu.

The Plan will continue to evolve in line with the provisions of the Radio Regulations of the ITU for the Asia/Pacific Region. These international regulations will take account of global technical and market developments. Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) will from time to time supplement this with national footnote provisions that relate to the particular requirements of Vanuatu.

The document “Vanuatu Radio Frequency Spectrum Plan” forms the legal foundation for the use of radio frequency spectrum in Vanuatu.