Acknowledgement Notice for Support To the ICT Day Celebrations in Tanna & Luganville, Santo

The TRR and the Government of Vanuatu would like to take this opportunity to offer all our sponsors our sincerest appreciation and to say thank you for making the celebration of Pacific ICT Day for both Tanna & Luganville a Success.

To all the participants, the Officials from respective Government Departments, Mayors and Officials from the two Provinces , officials from the tourism office, students, youth groups, women Leaders, Vanwood mamas, Disability associations, and represented institutions, the panel members for the panel discussions for the day, we thank you for participating and celebrating the day with the Port Vila Celebrations.

Thank you also to those who have in kindly contributed to the coordination of the celebrations in one way or the other.

Your participation gave noteworthy weight to the objective and the importance of the event and, importantly Promoting the ICT to Rural Community to fulfill the objectives of the Universal access policy that 98% population coverage by January 2018.

Your participation and strong input, the organizing committee has achieved the objective it sets for this event and once more we thank you for that.

Once again, thank you for your cooperation and continuous support to the TRR, and its organizational partners on making this event a great successful one.


  • Telecom Vanuatu Limited
  • Wilco Hardware
  • Luganville Municipality
  • University of the South Pacific 
  • Espiritu Santo travels
  • Office of Chief Government officer (OGCIO) 
  • ANZ Bank
  • Lenakel Presbyterian College ( Tanna)
  • Tafea College

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